BlackWaterOutdoor-ahc specializes in joints. Knee joints form part of our most popular section. We have specialists who emphasize the importance of knee care. We need to walk, run and squat. The knee joints are important for any kind of mobility. We have years of research to show that taking care of the knee joints will ensure its lengthy use without pain and unnecessary procedures.

Our Exercise Regime

Exercise is one of the most important ways to ensure healthy knees. Even in cases of severe arthritis, taking a break from exercise is not called for. We recommend walking, stationary cycling and swimming as opposed to high impact exercises. We believe in taking it slow and steady. We also suggest static strengthening exercises for the hamstring muscles and knee range movements.

Our diet

Our prescribed diet is made up of rich protein and dairy. A fat diet accompanied with high-carbohydrates will help in the lubrication of the joints. A well-oiled joint will ensure smooth movements without damaging the tissues and the adjoining muscles. While the diet may not directly impact the joints, it does strengthen the bones and have a positive effect on maintaining a healthy weight of the body. A person who is on the healthier side is more prone to have knee joint issues. We keep a strict tab on the weight.

For athletes

Athletes suffer knee problems more than others. The high degree of the engagement of the legs, especially the knee joints mean more the possibility of an injury. This is because there is more stress. Repetitive movements along with more falls and collisions are the reasons why athletes need to take special care of their knee joints.

We provide services for persons in all walks of life. We have prevention, treatment, and cure for various types of knee joint injuries.

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